Famous Rum Cocktails for Every Season

Be it a little sugar, spice or something nice, rum gets along well with all. Rum is one of the most versatile drinks there is. Distilled from fermented molasses and stored in oak-barrels, here is a list of famous rum cocktail recipes that can have your taste buds tingling in no time. It’s time to head to a higher plane.



Although popular in other flavours, the lime version is the simplest and the most popular. You can tweak the original by using a dark rum like Wise Monkey that tastes great sipped neat and also sparkles in a cocktail.



Mai Tai

Before it became synonymous with tiki culture, the original Mai Tai recipe from Trader Vic’s was a celebration of classic Jamaican pot still rum. Recreate it to savour the flavour of a good old Jamaican rum cocktail.



Piña Colada

The piña colada means “strained pineapple” and has been the national drink of Puerto Rico since the 70s. Our suggestion: blend both white and dark rum for a heady, tropical mix.




Originally from Havana, Cuba, this refreshing drink was said to be Ernest Hemingway’s favourite. You can make a great version of this with dark rum too.



Dark and Stormy

A drink that was invented in Bermuda, close to the end of World War I, the Dark and Stormy tastes best with a hint of lemon in it.



Planter’s Punch

Made with Angostura bitters, the Planter’s Punch has its origins in the exotic West Indies (and more specifically, Jamaica, some might add).



Rum Swizzle

The national drink of Bermuda, the drink gets its name from the ‘swizzle stick’ used to mix the ingredients.



Hot Buttered Rum

A holiday season favourite, this drink is made with hot butter, rum and cream.



Santo Libre

The Cuba Libre, which literally translates to ‘Free Cuba’, is a white rum and coke drink that emerged after the country won independence in the Spanish-American war. And Santo Libre, its Dominican cousin, is another free-spirited drink that does justice to its dark rum and sprite base.


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