Five savoury dishes with rum

Cooking with rum is not a new concept. Although it has been used mostly in the preparation of desserts before, using rum to cook savoury dishes is a relatively new trend. It’s mostly used in the cooking of meats as the flavours of caramel, spices and molasses make the perfect combination for a tender piece of pork tenderloin or any kind of seafood. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking!


Coconut rum grilled shrimp

This recipe is perfect for the summer days when you decide to have an impromptu barbeque party because it’s so simple and easy to prep. The rum, along with the coconut, brings an amalgamation of flavours to the shrimp on the grill.

Here is the recipe.


Habanero rum and molasses pulled pork sandwiches

With a dash of habanero peppers from Mexico and a drizzle of rum, the Habanero rum and molasses pork sandwiches are to die for.

Here is the recipe.

Flambe pork tenderloin

The combination of pork and rum is something everyone must taste at least once in a lifetime. In this recipe, the pork is sautéed and then the pan drippings are deglazed with rum before being cooked down with heavy cream. Using aged rum can give you an extra zing to the dish.

Here is the recipe.

Caribbean chicken and pumpkin curry

This dish has the goodness of pumpkin mixed with a tiny bit of rum for that extra pop of flavour and taste. The Caribbean style recipe is sure to have you wanting more.

Here is the recipe.

Rum battered fish with sweet potato fries & coconut curry sauce
Fish and Chips isn’t only limited to Great Britain. This Caribbean style Fish and Chips has rum battered fish, sweet potato fries, jerk onion rings and an incredible coconut curry sauce!

Here is the recipe.



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