Introducing the Rum Master—the man, or woman, behind your favourite drink

When you sip on your favourite rum, have you ever wondered who concocted the divine drops? Turns out that behind every good rum, there is an artist, or rather, an alchemist, fashioning liquid gold from sugarcane and molasses. We call them Rum Masters.

Called the Maestro de Ron in Spanish, the Rum Master is often an expert distiller or blender who has patiently studied the nuanced profiles of rum and knows how to tease the finest aromas and flavours from the molasses. Right from the fermentation stage to the distillation and aging process to the blending and bottling, the Rum Master controls every single aspect that goes into making the rum.

Some Rum Masters end up finding their vocation by chance, while others have spent childhoods preparing for this role. Many start off with a degree in chemistry or production-techniques and slowly get drawn into the aspects of production, aging, blending and bottling that make each rum unique and memorable. But no matter how they find this calling, once they’re in, they spend their lives immersed in the science and art of rum-making.

A Rum Master at a distillery puts on varied hats and gets involved in every stage of the production process. But beyond that, he or she makes sure that the taste and flavour of old and popular rums are maintained, making sure that not even the tiniest change in the sugarcane, water or tools could affect the taste of a beloved blend. The Rum Master also creates new blends for various occasions and palates. These new blends could reflect a specific flavour and style that the Rum Master identifies with or that a rum-drinker will love. The Rum Master also has an important role to play in educating people about rum, how to savour it, and its potential as a sipping spirit and in cocktails. In short, the Rum Master is like a guide who makes sure that the drink you love will kept and tasted just the way you like it.

When you sip on the golden drops of Wise Monkey, do you wonder about the people behind the wisdom potion? Sure, the ancient monkey and his friends do their best to transcend the spirit realm to help us out, but it’s up to his friends in this realm to translate his instructions into your carefully distilled, patiently aged and masterfully blended liquid mojo.

That’s why Dr. Virender Sheorain comes in to help the wise monkey make the wisdom potion. Wise Monkey rum has been blended by him to reflect the spirited and authentic Jamaican taste that we associate with the island. With 23 years in the industry, and stints in both the whiskey and the rum business, Virender has a few ideas up his sleeve and he’s constantly working with the Wise Monkey to create some spirited drinks.


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