This 5-year-old pot still rum gets strength and flavour from the traditional rum-making techniques of Jamaica and the American oak barrels it is aged in. Its deep and smokey character is headier than the calypso!

Let the smooth and mellow notes of this rum roll over your tongue and seep in your pores, washing away the dreariness of the day and awakening the relaxed island monkey in you!

As the wisdom potion ages in American oak barrels for five long years, it finds new expressions and offers you a smooth finish that leaves a lingering woodsy note on your palate.

Freshly fermented sugarcane rum forms the base of the Wise Monkey’s potent potion. Its fresh, distinct aroma and smooth finish takes you deep into the lush sugarcane plantations of the tropics.

The dark flavours and richness of its honeyed oak finish lends flair to your drink, raising a toast to the hedonist inside you.

Weave in the flavours of fresh lime or tender, blissful coconut and this potent rum will make you sway, bringing out hidden notes of Caribbean magic. Or just sip on it slowly, maybe on the rocks, and feel those knots untie and muscles relax and senses awaken to the warm sun on your shoulders and the bewitching beats of the calypso in your mind.

Wisemonkey rum distillery
WiseMonkey Rum Barrel
WiseMoney Aged Rum

Produced at the famed Worthy Park Distillery in the Cockpit Country of Jamaica, surrounded by hollows and ridges that are a haven for wild and independent spirits, this rum is a fresh and youthful interpretation of the age-old wisdom potion of the Wise Monkey, the wisest, wittiest and wildest of the obeah spirits.

Oh, wait, haven’t you heard the legend of The Wise Monkey, the much revered, though often irreverent, Caribbean spirit? Island lore says that this high-priest of spirits only rarely reveals himself, silhouetted against lofty ridges, trembling with mirth as he enjoys his Wisdom Potion laced with his own sublime thoughts and the light-hearted quibbles of his disciples.

On moonlit nights though, the wizened wizard descends into the hollows of Cockpit Country to concoct this magical potion using the famed rum-making genius of Jamaica. Steeping his drinking bowl deep into these traditional pot stills, he blesses one and all with mythical drops of liquid wisdom blended with honeyed moonshine from the tropics. It is this marriage of the tropics and 5-year-aged Jamaican rum that we offer you, infused with nothing but powerful obeah spirits, deepened with knowledge and sharpened with wit. Take it and imbibe it then, for your senses will awaken and you’ll find yourself on a higher plane, just like the Wise Monkey.

So be wise, make monkey, and let the calypso be your guide.